Monday, 3 April 2017

Bravery Award

One day I was led out of my stable and towards the arena only to find that the arena had been filled with strange objects.  I was very surprised when She seemed to expect me to go into the arena, but She said it was a bravery test.  Not wanting to let myself down, I agreed to go in and inspect the objects.
For some reason I had to walk through a narrow space with bits of junk on both sides
Then I had to go round a sheep - no idea why

Then I had to walk into a space and back out again

I had to weave in and out of some very small cones

Then I was introduced to a bull obstacle because the course was called 'Working Equitation'

not sure if it was part of the course but I also had to pose in front of a rainbow

After going through all this I was given a Bravery Award!  Here I am modelling it.  Notice how Hanuman hasn't won an award and he isn't wearing a smart leather headcollar either.  She says that I am very special and should get used to winning awards.

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