Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Hanuman is slowly getting better and is now allowed to wander round the yard all day and doesn't have any medicine in his food any more.
Hanuman plays with branches in the yard
Posy and I have to spend all day in the field, which would be OK if it weren't for all the midges.  I have been given special costumes to stop the midges biting me.  I found that you can do lots of activities with the neck covers.  I was able to make two long tears in the the fabric, chew off the fake fur pad, remove the velcro attachments and gnaw the teeth off the zip.  I did all these achievements whilst still wearing it!  She does not seem impressed and two neck covers later, I was given one with no zip which attaches to your head, giving you comedy donkey ears.

Some of the fabric fell off the face part, I can't think how that happened.  Today, some more fabric fell off the face part and then the whole hood somehow got pulled over my face and everything went black.  I had to stagger around, completely blinded by my costume, for some time before I was rescued.  She says I have run out of midge costumes and will just have to be bitten now.  

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