Saturday, 11 June 2016

Hanuman confined

Lately the weather has been uncharacteristically sunny and the grass is growing like mad and is very delicious.  Posy and I have eaten so much that we have to rest from time to time.  Hanuman, however, just keeps on eating and has become very tubby.  She says that if he was human the NHS would have fitted him with a gastric band ha ha.  She is not laughing now though because suddenly his feet started hurting and the vet had to be summoned.  His feet are painful, apparently, because he is a Fat Boy Who Has Eaten Too Much Sugar.  His penance is that he has to be confined to his stable and given meagre rations of soaked hay.

He is not happy and has been continually kicking his door in protest.  As a result, She has decided that we, too, should be confined to the yard to keep him company during the day, before he permanently damages himself, or the stable.

Posy is sure that he is getting Special Treatment and that the food he is getting must be much nicer than ours.  She keeps putting her neck over the door and trying to take the food out of his mouth.

Posy is convinced that Hanuman is getting Special food
I have tried to cheer him up by pulling faces outside the window.
But in the end it is rather boring being stuck in the yard all day.  I have already vandalised the drainpipe and now I am busy playing with the log pile.
I think I may try to dismantle the fencing next.

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