Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Dazed and confused

I was standing behind Hanuman peacefully picking up stray bits of haylage, when he suddenly shot backwards and struck me a terrible blow on the head.  I staggered round the yard seeing stars and She rushed out to see me with a large dent in my skull, blood coming out of my nose and acting demented.  The vet was summoned immediately.
The vet is used to pacifying hysterical people and explained that the dent in my skull was over my sinuses and wasn't likely to have caused brain damage, and he knew of lots of healthy adult horses going around with dents in their skulls.  Inevitably where vets are concerned, I received a number of injections but was very brave.  I had a splitting headache for a few days I can tell you.

In the yard, still suffering from concussion

The blood coming down my nose shows how bad my injury was
 Posy blamed Hanuman and gave him a severe biting.  He was banished into the field, partly for his own protection and partly so that he couldn't do anything else clumsy while I was still poorly.

Posy blamed Hanuman for my accident

Hanuman blamed the cement mixer for starting up suddenly and giving him a fright
I am pleased to report that I have survived the nasty medicine and am now feeling as right as rain.  Funnily enough, the dent in my skull has rebounded and it looks as though I shan't be scarred for life after all..

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