Monday, 8 February 2016

Blowing in the wind

We have been getting used to inclement weather.  When it rains hard for a long time, we refuse to leave our stables and neigh loudly whenever She is seen, in the hope that She will bring us food so that we don't have to venture out and find it for ourselves.
Today, however, was the record for the windiest day.  It was so windy that She put my purple outfit on me because She thought that the wind would penetrate the fluff in my coat and make me cold.  It also stopped the hailstones stinging so much.
When it wasn't actually hailing, we did venture out, but it made our hair stand on end.
Hanuman has a very short neck and he managed to keep his ears out of the wind under his rug's neck cover.  My outfit has no neck cover so my hair was looking very tousled.

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