Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The vet visits yet again

Mummy bashed herself in the eye overnight and came in for breakfast looking like this:
The vet was summoned and since I have seen it all before, I just snuggled down in my stable and slept through mummy's treatment.  Apparently she had dye put in her eye making it green, followed by eye drops and the inevitable injection.  Mummy says that it is best to look really pathetic while this goes on because it elicits lots of sympathy and at the end you get an apple for being such a good patient without any sedation.

Thanks to the wonders of modern veterinary medicine, mummy is feeling quite sparky now. It has been left to Her to continue the eye drops which is very funny to watch now that mummy is feeling fine, and it is not at all clear whose eye has got the most drops in.  Tee hee!

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