Tuesday, 22 September 2015

My first foot abscess

My foot really hurt, so I marched up to the human and waved my foreleg in the air to draw attention to the pain.  She poked my foot and squirted it with stuff but that didn't help, so the vet was summoned.  He did much the same but to no avail, so I have to wear a poultice until it gets better.  Then I had an injection, but I was very brave as She distracted me with an apple at the vital moment.
I make a pathetic picture with my poorly made duck tape boot
She now has to change my poultice twice a day.  I am very good and offer my foreleg for attention.  Then, just as She is taping my foot with sticky stuff, I wriggle about so that the sticky tape sticks to itself and Her and She starts cussing.  It is such fun, tee hee!

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