Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Vet takes artist's impression of me

As a modern, sophisticated filly-about-town, I have to have a passport.  As I couldn't get to a photo booth for my passport photo, the vet had to make an artist's impression.  Here, the vet tries to lure me into the open so that she could make a drawing of me.

After the drawing was done I had to go back into the stable with mummy.  There I was offered a 'Bravery Carrot' and while I was taking it I saw the vet advancing in my direction with a big needle then mummy tried to snatch my carrot and I felt a stab in my neck.  With great determination I managed to wrestle my carrot away from mummy and ate it all myself.  Apparently I now have a microchip which means that I am important.

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