Monday, 18 May 2015

I take control

I got fed up with mummy chasing the ginger horse away whenever we were getting to know each other, so when she started chasing him, I ran off in the opposite direction.  Of course, she had to change tack and run after me and I led her a merry chase round the field, giving the ginger horse time to make a clean getaway.  I did this twice and now mummy has realised that it is better to let me make friends.
Here I sneak up on the ginger horse
There! that surprised him

His coat is held together with Gorilla Tape because mummy keeps ripping it
In the video you can see that we are becoming best friends, although mummy is glowering at him at regular intervals to make sure that he stays respectful.

I found out that it is his birthday today - he is four years old and got a lot of carrots in his morning chaff.

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